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Transfer Credit Equivalencies

Choose State
Direction for Finding Course Equivalencies: For the first drop-down menu, choose the state of the transfer institution. For the second drop-down menu, choose the name of the transfer intuition.

  1. Be aware that while most transfer courses are still accepted as noted, there are exceptions; faculty may change course content over time, wherein the equivalency may no longer apply.
  2. Military education and experience equivalencies are found by choosing the District of Columbia as the State and American Council of Education as the School.
  3. CLEP (College Level Examination Program) score equivalencies are found by choosing New York as the State and College Level Examination Prog as the School.
  4. AP (Advanced Placement) score equivalencies are fond by choosing Pennsylvania as the State and AP College Board as the School.
  5. If a transfer institution, or transfer does not show, it means that no previous Norwich student has transferred any courses from this institution, or that no Norwich student has transferred this same course from this intuition. This means the student must complete a Transfer Credit Request form, requesting faculty to evaluate and determine equivalency for the course.
How to Read the Chart:

  1. GROUP column represents if two transfer courses equal one Norwich course.
  2. YEAR column represents the year that the transfer equivalency was valid at Norwich. For example 1213 = 2012-2013 Academic Year, or 2013 = Academic Year.
  3. MIN GRDE column represents the minimum grade, or minimum test score that is allowable to transfer the course/exam score to Norwich.
  4. TITLE column represents the transfer course title
  5. SUBJECT column represents the Norwich subject code
  6. COURSE column represents the Norwich course number
  7. TITLE column represents the Norwich course title
  8. CREDITS column represents the number of Norwich credits that are being transferred

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